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V/A Early Indiana Punk and New Wave The Crazy Al's Year(s) 1976-1983 2xCD

V/A Early Indiana Punk and New Wave The Crazy Al's Year(s) 1976-1983 2xCD


Disc 1: Jetsons "Genetically Stupid", Dow Jones and the Industrials "Can't Stand The Midwest", Your Grocer's Freezer "We're All Gonna Die", Repellents "Technorama" Repellents "AFC!", Slammies "P-U-S", Cheeses From France "Heart of Gold", Gizmos "Mean Screen", Mommy's In The Kitchen", Joint Chiefs "I Hate Pretty Girls", Zero Boys "Commies", "I'm Absent", We're Jimmy Hoffa "Rock n Roll', Panics "I Wanna Kill My Mom", Latex Novelties "Kiss and Make Up", Dow Jones and the Industrials "Ain't Good Enough", Dancing Cigarettes "Pop Doormat", Last Four (5) Digits "Don't Move", Cast of Thousands "War Maker", Amoebas in Chaos "Have You Slugged Your Kid Today?", Last Four Digits "Meet The Parents", Amoebas in Chaos "Ronald Reggae", E-in Brino "Watch Alarm", Observers Observing Observables "Next Available Date", Vibrato Fetish "Surf Bandits"

Disc 2: New Avengers "Mary's In a Coma", The Positions "Follower of the Space Race", The Future "The Standing Joy", Video Kids "Born Too Late", Young Brandos "Doesn't Get You Nowhere", The Tools "Come With Me", Your Parents "Whiplash", Hoosier Daddies "New York Shuffle", The Race Records "Baby Take Me Back", Lip Service "Money", MX-80 Sound "Paint It Black", The Future "Everything's OK", Johnny and the Piledrivers "You Keep a Knockin'", The Obvious "Feelings Of Love", Art Thieves "Bohemian Girl", Hugo Smooth "Won't Play Bumpum Cars", The Positions "Get Up", Club Pressure "Slinkin'", Abstractions "Why Can't It Wait", Your Parents "No Substitions", The Shouts "Gloria"


An amazing labor of love done by Time Change Records documenting the founders of Indiana Punk and New Wave. Rarely do you see a compilation as detailed as this. Tri-fold cardboard case that also comes with a booklet with information on all the bands.

"Released October 2014, a double compilation CD that features 38 bands and 46 tracks from the early 1980’s Indiana punk and new wave scene.

It’s called “Indiana Punk and New Wave: the Crazy Al’s Year(s)” in honor of the seminal club at 54th and College, the release includes many popular bands of the era, with many unreleased and unheard tracks.  The Gizmos (both versions), Zero Boys, MX-80, Dow Jones and the Industrials, Latex Novelties, The Future, The Panics, The Jetsons, Dancing Cigarettes, The Positions, Your Parents, Race Records, Repellents, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Observers Observing Observables, Amoebas In Chaos, and many others!" Time Change

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