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Slimy Member "Ugly Songs For Ugly People" LP

Slimy Member "Ugly Songs For Ugly People" LP


Side A: Nightmare World, Bomb Blast, Age Old Time, Straight And Upright, Harsh Reality, Oceanic Feeling

Side B: All Too Real, Revelations, A Sight To Behold, No God, Destroy And Resist, Always The Victim


Slimy Member are a four piece dark punk act from Dallas, Texas, founded in late 2013. Their name obviously comes from the title of a song on Rudimentary Peni’s seminal “Death Church” LP. Now, Rudimentary Peni are one of my favorite bands and one of the most insanely good bands of whatever genre you want to place them in (Anarchopunk? Deathrock? 80s hardcore punk? None/all of the above?).
Just like their forebears, Slimy Member play a foul, freshly-rotten-from-the-tombs, foetid style of anarcho-deathrock-influenced schizo-punk that is at some points mid-tempo – even downright Sabbath-y or doomy, when it wants to be – and at other times spastic, frenetic, paranoid, out of control.
"Ugly Songs is killer, mean fun, an amalgamation of different sources of darkness, dripped down into a cool-as-fuck record."

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