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Shotgun Solution "1983" 7"

Shotgun Solution "1983" 7"


Side A: Intro, Apocalypse, Devil's Evil Tongue

Side B: Shotgun, Neutron Bomb, I.K.Y.C.I.M.F.

Sorry this is so expensive, this is probably the only time I'll get this in.

"Finally out a great co-production between your fave italian labels Rave Up and Valium/Hellnation Records! Shotgun Solution released only one amazing EP in 1983 on High Rise, the label founded by the godfather of italian rock giornalism, Federico Guglielmi.

Based in Roma, the band opened for Dead Kennedys in their show in Roma in 1982. Fucking hardcore metal assault that recalls D.O.A, Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I.
This repro is a sort of ALTERNATIVE VERSION of the their original EP. In fact, it contains one killer unreleased studio track, Neutron Bomb and a 12 pages booklet full of photos and infos of the band. Great red blood vinyl!" - Rave Up Records

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