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Perverts Again "Our Big Party" LP

Perverts Again "Our Big Party" LP


"Alone in a world of absurdity, the drums keep you walking in the same spot while a comically dark world moves around you, the guitars squeals and bass lines stomp around you creating bleak characters viewed through eyes beaten down living in Cleveland Ohio. Living in a bubble of selfish gluttony and isolation, refusing to integrate in the world but having no choice to live in it anyway. From warnings about the dangers of knifes, bullets and bombs to complaining about falling over and hurting your knee. They produce depraved punk tunes with a garage over-tune to groove to. Watching them perform live, they march to a steady beat of their own weird lives. You’re a pervert in life, doing things considered unacceptable and shameful, they just put all that dumb simple yet unacceptably perverted life jibberish that no one cares about into song form.

“Our Big Party” - Perverts Again invite you to listen to a new wave of punk coming from their lives residing by the mistake by the lake in Cleveland, Ohio. Out now on the degenerative “Non Commercial Records” that introduced you to cult punk gems like INMATES, CIDER, H100’s, The DARVOCETs and other dirty favourites." - NonCommercial Records


Side A: Brute in the Bathroom, I Don't Want a Phone, Figgy Pudding, Bald Spot Boy, Our Big Party

Side B: You're Not Taking Me To Prom, Shit in the Badlands, It Would Be So Easy, My Knee, Hunt and Gather

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