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No Bails "Pick Slides and Chill Vibes" Cassette

No Bails "Pick Slides and Chill Vibes" Cassette


Side A: Bombs Away, Nazi 9/11, Sub Basement Rock, Don't Swear Around Kids, Garbage Day, Going Under, Hot Pants,

Side B: Text And Drive, Baby Gotta Smashed In Face, Greer Gerber Baby, Pushing You, No Left Turn, It's Gone


NO BAILS plays totally catchy in your face classic punk, but this time they ad some THIN LIZZY riffs and a DEVO cover. You may recall the the LP they did on Pelican Pow wow? Well these track are a more grown up version of that. This is 7 songs total and not many left get this while you can. We put this out for the tour they did down to Pelican Pow wow fest.


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