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No Bails "Epyx Shredder" LP

No Bails "Epyx Shredder" LP


Side A: You're So Shitty, Goofy Foot, Party Fail, My N.E.S. Is Fucking With Me, P.R.N., These Fucking Roads

Side B: The Shockmaster, Nubber 10, Scotts Is Buying, Who's A Punk - Your Mother, Black Hole, Don't Even Try


"This is Kalamazoo Underground...
Retarded Songs for the Retarded. Equal parts Angry Samoans and Ramones with that certain something(hick town isolation) for extra sparkle. And, There's a ROKKER cover to remind us N0 Bails knows what's up. Music that is good n simple and fucking fun!" - Pelican Pow Wow

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