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New Bomb Turks "Destroy Oh Boy" (20th Anniversary) LP

New Bomb Turks "Destroy Oh Boy" (20th Anniversary) LP


Side A: Born Toulouse-Lautrec, Tail Crush, Up For A Downslide, Tattooed Apathetic Boys, Spinnin' Clock, Dragstrip Riot, We Give A Rat's Ass

Side B: Runnin' On Go, Long Gone Sister, Mr. Suit, Let's Dress Up The Naked Truth, Hapless Attempt, I Want My Baby... Dead?!, Sucker Punch

20th Anniversary super-deluxe GATEFOLD edition crammed with pix & liners PLUS inner- sleeve with LYRICS to one of the GREATEST punkrock albums EVER, baby! Their gang-bustin debut LP! Balls-out loud-fast-simple PUNK ROCK! 14 deadly cuts recorded in 7 hours with super-loud distorto-guitar crunch, snot-caked vocals... The AURAL equivalent of 12 cups o' strong coffee!

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