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Heart Attack "Toxic Lullabies 1980-84" LP

Heart Attack "Toxic Lullabies 1980-84" LP


Side A: Hitler, Everybody Wants To Rock And Roll, You Can't Wait, young And Dangerous, KBD, Shotgun, I Don't Want You Anymore, you, Society, Chains And Knives, God Is Dead, Death And Destruction, Sick Kid

Side B: God Is Dead, You, Shotgun, Society, English Cunts, Trendies, From What I Can See, Victim Inquisition, The Last War, Mans World, Wheels Over Indian Trails, Toxix Lullabye, Self Control

Tracks 1-5 "Hitler" Demo 1980

Tracks 6-13 "Mojo Sessions" 1980

Tracks 14-16 "God Is Dead" 7" 1981

Tracks 17-22 "Keep Your Distance" EP 1983

Tracks 23-26 "Subliminal Seduction EP 1984


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