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HARAM "شو بتشوف؟ What Do You See?" 7”

HARAM "شو بتشوف؟ What Do You See?" 7”

دم "Blood"
حطا بي رأسك "Put It In Your Head"
المجانينا "The Insane"

شو هوا هل جهنم؟ "What Is This Hell?"



NYC’s Haram continues in the tradition of the classic Toxic State sound, playing masterful dark and bouncy hardcore punk you would come to expect in 2016. To further propel Haram into “essential” status, Lebanese frontman Nader barks out Arabic vocals touching upon topics such as his native land’s devestating civil war and existing secularly in an age of Islamopohbia. As the West’s colonial war with the Middle East rages on, Haram’s existence is as necessary as ever.

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