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Cülo "Life Is Vile.. And So Are We" LP

Cülo "Life Is Vile.. And So Are We" LP


25 tracks including their 3 sold out 7"s and 9 bonus tracks. includes insert, poster and digital download coupon



Toxic Vision 7"
Brain Cavity
Wasted On Wine
Neighborhood Watch
Death Cülture
Toxic Vision
Military Trend 7"
I Don't Like Today
Shooting Glüe
Military Trend
Don't Care Part II
Nuke Abuse 7"
Nuke Abuse
Walk Into Work/Shock Troops
Bad Head
Life's A Drag
No Drive
Kill The Pain
Im A Mütant
Suburban Vermin
Black Livers
Make Me Straight
Padded Hell
Solanum Suicide
Human Progress
I Used To Be The Shit
Human Wreck


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