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Crude S.S. "Who'll Survive" LP Crude SS

Crude S.S. "Who'll Survive" LP Crude SS


Side A: Forced Values, Sick Pleasure, Destroy Capitalism, Who'll Survive, You Can't Deny It, Respect The Earth, Bullying A Nation, Fried, Nazi Go Home, What You Say What You Do

Side B: No School, Blow All Town Halls, Create your Own Life, Svensson Svensson, Leonid Was Red, Pray The Lord My Soul To Take, Blue Eyed Devils, Chaos, Hundred Dead Copes, Forced Value (LIVE)

Tracks A1 to A6 from "Who´ll Survive" 7´ep, Uproar Records, 1985
Tracks A7 to B6 from "1000 dead cops" Demo Tape, Self-released, 1982
Tracks B7 and B8 from "The Vikings Are Coming" V/A LP, Uproar Records, 1985
Track B9 Outtake from 1984
Track B10 live from 1985

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