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Coachwhips "Hey Fanny / H.C. She" Cassette

Coachwhips "Hey Fanny / H.C. She" Cassette


Remastered reissue of the Coachwhips side of the Coachwhips/Trin Tran single from 2004. Coachwhips was John Dwyer's pre-Ohsees band with John Harlow and Mary Ann McNamara. Includes two previously unreleased tracks. Trin Tran's side was reissued recently on Ty Segall's imprint God? Records. "Hey Fanny" and "H.C. She" were recorded during the 'Bangers vs Fuckers' sessions and originally released on Show & Tell Recordings. "You Can't Please Me" is an unreleased cut from the 'Hands on the Controls' sessions heard here for the first time ever, and the demo "I Put it in, Way Down South" is also previously unreleased and brings something to the track that equals or rivals the album take from "Get Yer Body Next ta Mine" 100 copies pressed.


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