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Ausmuteants "Amusements" LP

Ausmuteants "Amusements" LP


Side A: Bad Day, Daylight Robbery, Tinnitus, No Motivation, Hate This Town, Pissing In Two Streams
Side B: Kicked In The Head By A Horse, Stepped In Shit, Flushing Problems, Inducing Instinct, Pissed Myself Twice, Fran Drescher's Alien Abduction


 BLACK VINYL edition of this amazing record from the young Ausmuteants, whose members are involved in other fine combos such as Frowning Clouds, Wet Blankets, Hierophants and Living Eyes (more releases on Goodbye Boozy-  !). Amazing synth-punk tunes, perfect sequencing, perfect recording. Echoes of Devo, Screamers, Country Teasers bounce around their sound but there's no mistaking 'em. Fantastic guitar parts worthy of Bob 1 himself! You will love this record!

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