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Andy Human And The Reptoids "S/T" LP

Andy Human And The Reptoids "S/T" LP



A1 Blood On The Wall
A2 I Got Soul
A3 Yes I No
A4 Pictures
A5 Eye 2 Eye
B1 Stutter
B2 Big Mouth
B3 Reptoid Rock
B4 Funny
B5 Mutate
B6 Biffed Up


In an era when artists do little more than tweak their influences, Andy Human and the Reptoids take the past, hint at the future, and turn it all into the now. With punk energy, a new wave sense of economy, and the tap of power pop, these guys fold in Roxy Music, Devo (both the art and the pop sides), early Eno and Pere Ubu, while making sounds that are very much their own. Raven Sings the Blues has called Andy Human “...a wobble of weird that makes the candy coating delightfully astringent... digesting Devo and Gary Numan through a faded VHS glam punk hangover and knocking the results crisply out of stacked speakers.” Andy Human and the Reptoids’ debut contains eleven songs, each one a sonic worm that will burrow into your brain and turn you into a Reptoid-humming zombie. Play side one forever, that’s OK; when it is worn out, you have side two to obsess over. Or keep flipping the thing over until you get carpel tunnel syndrome. Whatever you do, you will listen to this. This isn’t a record that gets lost in the stacks. It is one you wear out. Andy Human is Andy Jordan. You know him from The Cuts, Time Flys, Buzzer, and LENZ (also Razz, Brain Glaze and Factrix). He is one of the best Bay Area rock ’n’ roll songwriters around and an ace on guitar and keyboards. The Reptoids are Cripe Jergensen, Beast Man and Ra Diehl. They’ve been doing time in Drunk Horse, Sir Lord Von Raven, Girls and LAND. Throw them in a bowl and stir them around, and you’ve got a couple dozen records, countless festival and SXSW appearances, and too many tours and shows to count. They play some of the freshest rock ’n’ roll being made today and this record is proof of it.

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