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Mark Cone (Urochromes) 12" coming June 2nd on Neck Chop Records - until then check out this live performance on Highland Park TV


Macho Boys "Stone Cold" video, available on the "S/T" LP on Neck Chop Records

FINALLY, Neck Chop Records is here - buy some shit!

OUT NOW on Neck Chop Records:

WOODBOOT "Krang Gang" LP (CHOP-001) - OUT NOW

Erik Nervous "Teen Distortion Art Junk Music" 7" (CHOP-002) - OUT NOW

Beta Boys "After Dark" 7" (CHOP-003) - OUT NOW

Acrylics "S/T" 12" EP (CHOP-004) - OUT NOW

Bleeding Gums "II" 7" (CHOP-005) - OUT NOW

Beatniks "S/T" 7" (CHOP-006) - OUT NOW

Warm Bodies "Domo" 7" (CHOP-007) - OUT NOW

Cereal Killer "Demo" 7" (CHOP-008) - OUT NOW

Lost System "No Meaning No Culture" 7" (CHOP-009) - OUT NOW

Schizos "Fuck Iggy Pop" 7" (CHOP-010) - OUT NOW

 Macho Boys "S/T" LP (CHOP-011) - OUT NOW

C.H.E.W. (Previously known as CHEW) "Demo" 7" (CHOP-013) - OUT NOW

Race Car "Go Build Your Own Go-Kart" 7" (CHOP-016) - OUT NOW


Coming soon on Neck Chop Records:

SCIENCE PROJECT 7" (CHOP-015) - OUT June 2nd

Snails "Demos" 7" (CHOP-017) - OUT June 2nd

Process Of Elimination 7" (CHOP-018) - OUT June 2nd

Sick Thoughts "Songs About People You Hate" LP (CHOP-020) - OUT June 2nd

Mark Cone "Now Showing" LP  (CHOP-022) - OUT June 2nd

C.H.E.W. / Penetrode Split 7" (CHOP-012) - OUT SOON


Wet Ones 7" (CHOP-021) - OUT SOON

Color TV 7" (CHOP-023) - OUT SOON


Gee Tee 7" (CHOP-026) - OUT SOON

Jackson Politick LP (CHOP-027) - OUT SOON

plus more to announce soon....